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Do you have a suffragist ancestor?


We invite you to submit information about suffragist family members or from your community. We are collecting the following information, which we will expand upon in the year ahead. Send the following to our Contact Page.

1)The name of your suffragist ancestor(s) with the birthplace and date of birth and death. 
2) The location(s) where they advocated for women’s voting rights.
3) A photograph.
4) If your ancestor has been documented in an article or in a database, please provide us with those links.
5) Make sure we have your email so we can follow up to learn additional information.

Thousands of people fought for women’s suffrage. Their descendants will number in the hundreds of thousands. We look forward to your participation in this exciting project. 



Interview handbook with questions to help you document family members and experts.

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Free templates to download to help you document your family history.

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Simple instructions to conduct oral histories and videos interviews.

We invite you to submit information about suffragist fa

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Archives website links to find free information.


Genealogical research tips  from experts.


Scrapbook photograph and document organizer.

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