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Our vision is to create enthusiasm and interest in women’s history and those who fought for voting rights by expanding access to the resources needed to find suffragist ancestors.


Last Opportunity
Our older citizens are members of the last generation to have a living memory of a suffragist relative. Unfortunately, many do not know about the heroic efforts their family members undertook to ensure women would have voting rights. It is important to record these memories in oral and video recordings and to make them available to future generations.

As the baby boomers retire and people downsize and declutter, they may be unaware of the historical importance of some of the items they find in boxes, folders, and attics. Part of our mission is to make sure they are preserved.


Are people more likely to vote if they know they have a family member who fought for voting rights? Although many thousands of women and some men have advocated for women's suffrage since the founding of our country, few people today know any of their names. To discover that family members played such an important role not only restores the suffragists to their rightful place in our nation’s story, but also provides role models who can inspire people to register and vote today.

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