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Every Family Has a Story. Let's Find Yours.

Our goal is to create enthusiasm and interest in women’s history by
expanding access to the resources needed to find suffragist ancestors.

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OUR HISTORY PROJECT is a joint initiative of the Justice Bell Foundation, Wild West Women, Inc. and the National Women's History Alliance. Our goal is to create a central location with free resources to help families locate their ancestors, particularly those who fought for voting rights and for equality. 


Our older citizens are members of the last generation to have a living memory of a suffragist relative. Unfortunately, many do not know about the heroic efforts their family members undertook to ensure women would have voting rights. We want to help you document and save these memories.


  • Written materials and videos. 

  • Free templates to download.

  • Access to archives, experts  and genealogical resources.

  • A short film that follows two families as they search for information about their women's suffrage ancestors.

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